Dental Cleanings Overview

You may have never thought of your mouth this way, but it is similar to an HVAC system and a vehicle at the same time. It needs to be maintained regularly and it needs cleanings to ensure it does not develop any problems. If you slack on your oral care, you will find that your mouth is riddled with gum disease, tooth decay, and more. If you are the type of person who waits for a toothache to indicate that there is a problem, then your checkup may be a bit frightening for you, especially if you have neglected your oral care over the years.

All dental problems need to be treated quickly or they will lead to some serious financial constraints or tooth loss. When you come into our Thornton office here at Thornton Town Center Family Dental, we will provide you with a comprehensive and thorough dental examination. Our dentists will clean your teeth and also look for any signs of tooth decay, gum disease, or oral cancer.

When you do come in for a cleaning, your teeth will have all plaque and tartar removed from them. It is vital that plaque is removed daily because if not, it will build up and eventually irritate your gums and eat away at your teeth. Plaque is soft, sticky and can be yellow or white.

As you brush your teeth, you need to make sure that you go in between your teeth and that you get the gum line as well. Plaque that is allowed to remain on the teeth will harden and turns into calculus. This is formed when your saliva continues to mix with the plaque and it hardens. Tartar is unable to be removed by you and it must be removed with special dental tools. Your dental hygienist will use a scalar to remove it from your teeth while you are here.

Patients develop gum disease because they do not remove plaque from their teeth and it forms tartar. The tartar is known to irritate and infect the gums, which make them tender, red, and inflamed. You will likely notice that your gums bleed when you brush your teeth and if this is the case, you need to make an appointment with our office immediately.

When you brush and floss your teeth, there should be no signs of blood and if there is, you need to call our office as this may indicate that you have gum disease. When you come into our Thornton office, you will receive a periodontal evaluation, and this will help us better determine if you have gum disease or how far it has progressed.

If you would like to schedule a dental appointment, do contact our Thornton office now.

Tooth Decay: Signs a Problem May Exist

There are many different signs that will indicate that you may have tooth decay. Sometimes, these symptoms are mild, but as the decay progresses, it can become more obvious. However, it is important to know that once dental decay forms and there is a cavity, it cannot be reversed. Fillings can help stop the progression of the decay though, so do bear in mind that it is important to receive treatment the moment you identify there is a problem.

Some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Brown, gray, black, or white spots on the teeth
  • Toothaches
  • Swelling near a tooth
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth sensitivities

Gums Disease: Signs You Need to Watch For

Gum disease is extremely common, and many patients have it and never even know it until their dentist says something about it. You can have gum disease with no obvious signs present. Once gum disease has progressed, you will find that you do display many of the symptoms we list below and if you do have these symptoms, it is time to seek out immediate dental care in our Thornton office.

Some of the signs of gum disease include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Loss of teeth
  • Swollen, tender, and red gums
  • Bad breath
  • Abscesses
  • Receding gum lines

Call Today to Schedule a Dental Cleaning and Checkup

Whether you think you have gum disease or not, you need to receive a cleaning and dental examination at least twice per year. When you visit our Thornton office, we will provide you with a thorough exam that looks at all areas of your mouth and your teeth.

Our team will also take some x-rays to look at the surface beneath your teeth to make sure there are no hidden issues that need to be managed right away. Our dentists do screen you for oral cancer as well and will let you know the results of the screening.

We are equipped with the latest and newest tools, which ensure your cleaning goes as planned and is done in a convenient and comfortable manner. Once the cleaning is over, one of our dentists will come have a final look and talk to you about any areas that need to be addressed or watched.

If you do need to have work performed on your teeth, we will let you know beforehand, so that you can plan accordingly. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and have our dentists address any of your concerns while here.

As mentioned above, you will receive dental cleanings every six months, but, if you have gum disease, oral cancer, or any other serious problems, then you may need to be seen more often in our office. If you find that you have a toothache or are in pain, do not be afraid to let us know. Our dentists will stop the pain for you while you are here.

Call Thornton Town Center Family Dental now to book your appointment and to get yourself a clean bill of oral health.


We Appreciate All of Our Thornton Patients!

Thornton Town Center Family Dental would not be as successful without the support from all of our patients. We are proud to be able to serve the local area and thank you for all of the referrals you have sent our way! Below, you will find some of our recent reviews from Thornton patients!

Zoey Wright

I had a million questions that I wanted to ask and they did an awesome job and answering every single one. And the staff do an awesome job at making me feel comfortable while they work on my teeth!

1 month ago

Michael L.

ALL the Doctors and staff are extremely nice and very professional. The office is very clean and modern. They have all the latest technology and every one seems very skilled at what they do. I recommend this place for anyone who needs good and honest Dentist!

3 months ago

Joshua M.

The doctors here are professional and super friendly. They have a willingness to help and cater to thier patients needs. Visits are very quick, so scheduling is hassle-free aswell. Would we not be moving out of state, my wife and I would love to make Thornton our forever dentist

6 months ago
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