Eating with Braces

One of the activities that we often do the most is eat. Think about it for a moment. We have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks in between. Sustenance is important and required for us to live. However, if you have braces, eating can be one of the hardest tasks to do day in and out. In fact, it can be painful to eat with braces, especially for the first few weeks once the braces are put on. There are certain foods that can get stuck inside of the braces and present a serious problem from decay to pain and more.

The dentists at Thornton Town Center Family Dental want to warn you that new braces are able to change the way that you eat because they may impact the way that you chew and feel food. You will likely have some difficulties at first, but over time, these difficulties will wear down and you will be able to consume food without a problem.

While you will be able to eat normal once again, it is vital that you remember that you cannot eat all types of foods and there are some foods you should avoid when you have braces. Many patients come into our office and say that they find that there are some foods they can tolerate and others they cannot. This is normal and will likely take about three weeks until you are fully comfortable with your new braces.

Below, the dentists and orthodontists at Thornton Town Center Family Dental will discuss what foods you should and should not eat along with some tips to help you better understand how to care for your braces.

Foods: What Can I Eat and What Should I Avoid?

There are many foods that you can eat while you have braces, but there are foods that you should definitely avoid at all costs. The day you have your braces put on, you will want to avoid ALL hard foods and only eat soft foods. You should avoid meat, crunchy vegetables, and crunchy items. While you can eat many crunchy foods, vegetables, and meats, you should avoid them for the first day, at minimum.

Many people are often worried that they cannot enjoy their favorite foods and they have to give them all up for their braces. This is not true, and you will be able to enjoy some of your favorite. The main point is that you want to avoid foods that will cause your braces to break.

Some wonderful food options while your braces are on include:

  • Meats and poultry, especially when soft cooked
  • Pudding
  • Soft cheeses
  • Fish without bones
  • Eggs
  • Hot dogs
  • Bananas
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Breads
  • Pancakes

Items you want to avoid at ALL costs include:

  • Tacos, Pretzels, Chips, and Cor Nuts – These types of crunchy snacks will only lead to breaks and bends in the wires on your braces. They are just too hard to chew
  • Ice – Ice can cause your braces to crack and break
  • Nuts – You should avoid eating nuts as they can become stuck in between your teeth and your braces. They can be difficult to remove too
  • Popcorn – The kernels can and will easily get stuck between your teeth and braces and cause you pain
  • Pizza Crust – While you can eat pizza, you want to avoid eating the crust, as it is often chewy, and you may break your braces trying to rip off a bite with your teeth
  • Beef Jerky – This snack is just too difficult on your braces and can lead to the brackets coming loose or even breaking
  • Jolly Ranchers, Skittles, Bubble Gum, and Caramel – These are sticky candies that can get stuck in the wires of your braces and even pull the brackets loose from your teeth. This type of candy can be difficult to remove from the teeth as well
  • Apples, Corn on the Cob, and Raw Carrots – These foods are good for your health, but they can seriously damage your braces. You should avoid eating them in their traditional form. If you want to consume them, you should cut them into bite-sized pieces or shave the corn from the cob
  • Ribs – You should avoid ribs as they can knock your braces off of your teeth or even break the wires. You can eat ribs off the bone, but take care as the meat is sometimes stringy and tough
  • Pens and Pencils – Do not chew on pens and pencils as they can break them

Eating with Braces: Tips for Success

Below, you will find some tips from the dentists and orthodontists at Thornton Town Center Family Dental. We want you to enjoy your experience with your braces as much as possible and for that to happen, you need to know how to care for them, how to eat, and so on. Take a look below and if you have any questions, call our Thornton, CO office.

  • When you bite, always bite with the side of your mouth and never use your front teeth to bite as this can damage the braces
  • If you plan to eat sushi, make sure that you cut it up into bite-sized pieces, as you may find that a piece too big is painful with your braces on and the piece can become a choking hazard
  • Always try to stick with soft foods over crunchy foods since crunchy items can cause problems with your braces
  • Take some time to enjoy cold items such as ice cream and popsicles as they can help alleviate swelling and pain when braces are first put on
  • Brush and floss your braces every time you eat to remove stuck food particles

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