Full Mouth Restoration

If you are suffering from a dental problem, it is important that you come into Thornton Town Center Family Dental to get checked out. You do not want to try to accept dental problems as your way of life because it will only lead to more serious issues later on down the road. When you come into our Thornton office, our dentists will look over your mouth and provide you with a breakdown of any problems that were discovered, continued care, and treatment plans.

Full mouth restoration may sound like a scary procedure, but it is not as bad as it actually sounds. Many of the restorative procedures work to help fix issues that you may have with your jaw, teeth, gums, and bite. Depending on the dental problem that you have, you may need to have additional procedures done before you can have the reconstructive surgery.

A restoration is similar to cosmetic dentistry in that it will improve the look and feel of your teeth. Unlike cosmetic dentistry though, full mouth restorations will help you maintain your teeth, mouth, and gums. Reconstructive procedures are usually done in succession or in conjunction with one another and not individually or independently. If you need to have a lot of procedures done, you may need to allow your mouth time to heal in between each one of the procedures.

The dentists here at Thornton Town Center Family Dental are committed to working with you to make your full mouth restoration as affordable as possible. Call today to schedule a free consultation with our dentists.

Types of Full Mouth Reconstructive Procedures

There are five types of main mouth reconstructive procedures that are available to patients. The type of procedure that you will need depends on the reason you need to have the reconstruction done. Your treatment plan will consist of a list of procedures needed and when the procedures will be performed.

Below, we will take a look at the five main types of procedures.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease treatment is one type of reconstructive procedure offered here in our office. It is important that you call our office immediately if you think you have gum disease as it can lead to tooth loss. Depending on the severity of your gum disease, you may need to have it treated aggressively and before other procedures are completed. If we perform procedures while you have gum disease, the procedures will not lead to positive results.

Typically, one of the treatment options includes root scaling and planning, routine checkups, and antibiotics.

Bridges and Crowns

Bridges and crowns are used for full mouth reconstruction and they help to provide your teeth with the protection they need. Most patients will receive a crown after they have suffered from serious tooth decay and a filling is not enough.

Bridges are used as an option to replace a series of teeth in your mouth that are missing. If you do happen to lose any of your front teeth, you can have a bridge placed in your mouth to help close in the gap and provide you with a natural smile.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are only used when a tooth cannot be saved despite all of the treatment options available. Often times, a patient will need to have a tooth or teeth removed when there has been trauma, gum disease, or severe decay on the tooth. If you do think that you need to have a tooth extracted, now is the time to contact Thornton Town Center Family Dental.

Dental Implants

Another full mouth reconstructive option is dental implants. This option is used when you are missing one or more teeth and want to replace them. The implants are placed surgically into your jaw bone and a crown is placed on top of the implant.

Not everyone is a good candidate for this option, so you will need to have a consultation performed to make sure that you can have implants. Since implants are placed directly into the jaw, you need to have enough jaw bone present to facilitate the false root.

Root Canals and Fillings

If you have tooth decay, you will likely receive a root canal or a filling. Sometimes, the two procedures are used in conjunction with each other to provide you with the best results.

How Long Will the Treatment Take?

The length of treatment will depend specifically on the types of procedures that you need to have done. In addition to the procedures, you will also need to factor in time to heal as well. Some patients do heal quickly while others do not heal as quickly.

For example, if you have a filling in your mouth, you may only need one day to recover from the procedure, but if you have dental implants placed, you may need about six months to recover.

When you come into our office for a consultation, we will let you know exactly how long your treatment will take. It is important that you talk our dentists about what results you want to achieve too, this way, we know exactly how to provide you with a perfect smile.

Your Consultation in Thornton

If you are interested in full mouth restoration, you can expect our dentists to talk to you about your options when you come in for a consultation. We will take some x-rays of your mouth to identify any additional areas that may have some issues, but that cannot be seen with the eye.

Once your exam is done, you will be able to schedule your treatment appointment and also receive an estimated cost for the procedures. All of your questions will be addressed at this time as well. Many patients find that they either need to have just one procedure performed or multiple procedures.

Schedule Your Consultation Now

If you would like to talk about full mouth reconstruction or you have some questions about how to improve the look of your smile, now is the time to call Thornton Town Center Family Dental. We are committed to working with you and providing you with the smile you have always dreamed of. Don’t be shy and come visit our Thornton office today.


We Appreciate All of Our Thornton Patients!

Thornton Town Center Family Dental would not be as successful without the support from all of our patients. We are proud to be able to serve the local area and thank you for all of the referrals you have sent our way! Below, you will find some of our recent reviews from Thornton patients!

Zoey Wright

I had a million questions that I wanted to ask and they did an awesome job and answering every single one. And the staff do an awesome job at making me feel comfortable while they work on my teeth!

1 month ago

Michael L.

ALL the Doctors and staff are extremely nice and very professional. The office is very clean and modern. They have all the latest technology and every one seems very skilled at what they do. I recommend this place for anyone who needs good and honest Dentist!

3 months ago

Joshua M.

The doctors here are professional and super friendly. They have a willingness to help and cater to thier patients needs. Visits are very quick, so scheduling is hassle-free aswell. Would we not be moving out of state, my wife and I would love to make Thornton our forever dentist

6 months ago
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